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Thank you Tia for everything you are doing to shine the light on fundamentalist abuse! I, too feel complicit in the ongoing abuse of my grandchildren who are all growing up under a high control, fundamentalist cult. I attended their "church" several times years ago and was shocked to see all the babies and small children, sitting quietly on blankets through 5 hour sermons. The older children all had blank stares on their faces. It was so heartbreaking! I learned of the blanket training and other abuses of the Pearl method. I was sick to my stomach. I tried to intervene, talk sense into my son and his wife. But they would not listen to me. They always had some Bible verse to challenge me. I now have minimal contact as I can't go back in that horrifying church and see all those abused children. I feel helpless, I feel complicit. We have reported the church to the authorities many times but in Texas, "religious" freedoms are protected. I want to stand on a mountain and scream at the top of my lungs that the children are being abused!!!! I will begin therapy in 2 weeks through the Center for Tauma Resolution. I hope to find ways to save my grandchildren and help them when they are ready. Thank you again. You are my hero.

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