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I believe the way the Christian Patriarchy runs their homes is how they want to run our country. So I’ve made it my mission to share with you what it’s really like to live behind closed doors in Christian Fundamentalism and to guide you through what it looks like to deconstruct their ideas.

Why did you start this column?

While TV shows like the Duggar family’s “19 Kids and Counting” offered a shined-up vision of traditional values and that “Trad Wife” life, the truth is not so attractive. The survivors of high-control Christian Fundamentalism watch what’s happening in our laws and news headlines in horror as conservatives radicalize into the Christian Nationalism we know all too well. That’s why I feel it’s imperative to shine a light on that worldview—as well as what it’s like to deconstruct and heal in recovery.

The content you’ll find here deconstructs fundamentalism in:

as well as what my personal deconstruction process looks like.

I guide you through the process, providing information, reporting, connections, and solidarity in the antifundamentalist life.

You get the truth of what it’s like to live in their parallel America, as well as inspiration on living the ultimate resistance: with curiosity, knowledge, and the humanities.

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Evangelical Patriarchy is in our government and changing our laws. Arm yourself with truth and vote with more confidence, by understanding why fundamentalism is such a threat to democracy, especially for women, children, and marginalized groups.

Readers who subscribe to my work and share it with their friends often comment that my experience validates their own. They find my explanations and context relevant to today’s headlines. They want more information on the fundamentalist influences changing their country, and they want to support survivors.

I subscribe to Substacks because I love how the content comes right to me. I don’t want to miss part of a series I’m following. I like the added value of paid stacks and knowing I’m helping support publications I enjoy. I bet you’re the same.

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Who is Tia Levings?

I often call myself a “writer, artist, hiker, mother, friend,” but getting here was a journey. I told that story in A WELL-TRAINED WIFE, out August 6, 2024, with St. Martin’s Press. I’m a Gen X free spirit who loves life. I’m passionate about trauma recovery and reclamation. I nurture through food, time, and attention. An E-INFJ and an Enneagram 4. I’m a lot without apology. And the biggest lesson I carry in my heart is to love people over ideas. The Anti-Fundamentalist is my exploration of how I do it.

Where have I seen Tia before?

Probably online or on Shiny Happy People, on Amazon. My life and story could have ended in 2007 in obscurity or yet another tragic headline. It didn’t because I escaped both high-control religion and violent, high-control marriage. I call it church-sanctioned domestic abuse because what happened to me was sanctioned by our fundamentalist evangelical churches.

I nurture conversation about national politics, Christian Nationalism, and the abuses in fundamentalism on:

You can also pre-order my book anywhere books are sold.

These are the flowers I received after signing my book deal. It was the happiest, most redemptive Diamond Day ever. If you’re looking for more, I also host The Working Writer podcast and co-host The Wize Jezebels with Dr. Laura E. Anderson. Check out my website for a video directory and other resources for healing from religious trauma.

My column topics also show up on my Instagram feed, where you’ll find fresh takes and in-depth engagement.

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I'm an author exploring anti-fundamentalism after church-sanctioned domestic abuse. I appeared in Shiny Happy People on Amazon Prime, and my memoir, A Well-Trained Wife, releases in August of 2024 with St. Martin's Press.